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The best (but not the brightest), league in Southern Wisconsin
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Rules & Format

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$10 to the Hosting person (cover food and drinks)

First round of play for the night is drawn randomly. After the first round is completed, the next grouping will be matched by round results. (So if you finished 1st, you are matched against the other players that finished 1st in the previous round, 2nd matched with 2nd, and so on). Groups will always be sized according to attendance, and there will be some flexibility in group matchups based on size. Groups will always consist of 4 or 3 players.

Each session we play 4 games on different machines, with points given as follows: 7 for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, and 1 for 4th (or 7, 4, 1 for a 3 person group). A total of 28 would be the max a player could achieve in a single night, but it's a rare occurrence. Add up the points for a season and that's your rank. At the end of the regular season we split the group into "A" (top 8 players), "B" (next 8 players). We then have an end of season double elimination tournament to determine final standings.


Pre-playing is NOT allowed. Absents will be handled as follows: 1st absent 80% of league average, 2nd absent 60% of league average, 3rd absent 40% of league average, 4th absent 20% of your league average. Note: that is your league AVERAGE, so the score for your absent session will go up or down based on your future performance. The average will be calculated only after an individual has participated 3 times.

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