For some a monthly donation, for others, it rubs the lotion on the skin.
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So here is the format-

Each league night there will be 4 games played by 16 participants (hard cap on that number). 1st place earns 7 points, 2nd place earns 5 points, 3rd place earns 3 points, and 4th place earns 1 point. Each finishing position plays their next game against the same finishing position (2nd vs. all the other 2nds, etc.). The best you can do for the night is 28 points (rare) and the worst you can do is 4 points (rare as well).

There is one side game chosen ahead of time by the host (and announced), and everyone plays the side game one time for highest score.

Each night there is $10 given to the host for his hospitality and for SNACKS for the masses, and another $10 is put into the night's prize pool. The prize pool breaks down like this ($160 total)-

1st Place- $70
2nd Place- $40
3rd Place- $30
Side Game Highest Score- $20

Any tie scores for the night will go into a one game playoff (randomly drawn from a large mysterious hat) if there are prize pool opportunities on the line.

A random group of people that get together monthly to hang out, play pinball, drink a beverage of choice, eat extravagant Wisconsin meals (brats, burgers, pizza), and open up their homes to share their enjoyment of the hobby with others. Zero political agendas, zero man-drama, and zero gossip, so if you are known to have any of those, there are other places you can participate.

We are a non-league League. If you are in another League that gives membership preference to those not in other leagues, you will be fine... think of this as a private monthly tournament. For the record, we are NOT IFPA, and do not hand out points or trophies. The are other places you can get both of those including the other great leagues in Wisconsin, or your kid's t-ball league at the end of the year.

11 months out of the year, the actual 11 months will be determined by the league via a poll before the 2015 season starts. You choose which months you participate, choose one, choose all, makes no difference.

Some guys just want to hang out and play pinball. Some gals do too, and we encourage women and children (especially families) that are okay with hearing savory words to spend a little allowance money each month to make that happen.

This is TBD, but currently most of Southern WI, possibly Eastern Iowa, possibly the Dells area, and possibly Northern IL. Again, the beauty here, is that you choose where you want to play. If something is too far, there is zero obligation to make it. The important thing to remember is that you will get an opportunity to play many machines that are simply not available out on location with gracious hosts that allow that to happen.

It all starts with the hosts. These folks open up their homes and amazing collections for others to play. Without them, it doesn't happen. If you don't appreciate what they do, this isn't a league you will be part of. This league is also a not a democracy. This is done with intention to keep things fun and light for everyone. Democracies are great, it is what this country is founded on (queues the Start Spangled Banner), but for the purposes of keeping the league running smoothly, we will call it a dictatorship that listens to the people.
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