sys80b - spring break upper flipper info

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sys80b - spring break upper flipper info

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I was at a customers house looking at their Spring Break. When I showed up the ball release would lock on, reseated connectors and then that was resolved. The game played great for 3-4 games and now the upper flipper will not flip. This breaks the ball launch as well, as when the upper flipper flips a 2nd switch on the upper flipper stack that launches the ball at the start of a game.

However with the upper flipper not working (all others do before ball launch) what is up with that upper flipper? How is it controlled?

The lower right is 1 flipper button switch, the lower right flipper has 1 switch, lower flippers and coils are on their own. the upper flipper switch is in the matrix. So if the lower flippers work fine, and the upper worked randomly. how does that upper flipper work so i can look into fixing it?
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