Megatouch EVO 2011 repair needed

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Megatouch EVO 2011 repair needed

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I have a friend who's megatouch EVO stopped working. From what he describes it sounds like the power supply died. He's called around to arcade and coin op vendors and none will touch it. Any leads on somone willing to repair this machine would be appreciated.


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Re: Megatouch EVO 2011 repair needed

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definitely start with looking at the capacitors on the motherboard. if any of them are bulging i would start there.

also, there is a CR-2032 battery on the motherboard, if this battery dies (falls below 3.00vdc) then the game will not auto start.

he could also get a power supply tester like this ... ics&sr=1-3

this would let him know if the power supply is powering on. the power supply could still have an issue under load, but if he doesn't get any kind of reading with this tester plugged in, then it would be a power supply issue.
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