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Arcade 1up RetroPie/MAME conversion

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2020 9:25 am
by bmaster31
Hey Gang,
I was fortunate enough to receive an XMen vs Street Fighter Arcade1Up for Christmas this year. Not being a big fan of fighting games and this already having 6 button setup, I starting looking into converting this to a RetroPie setup. This will be my first venture into Arcade setups and after some research I wanted to reach out to this group to see what some dos and don'ts are.

I've worked on pinball machines, and have a software development background, but I lack time to tinker much. I think I would be fine sourcing and swapping out buttons/joystick/etc, but from what I'm reading the RetroPie setup can take quite a bit of tinkering. So I was looking at to purchase a kit to just drop in. Any one have experience with them or someone else who makes kits like this? Or does anyone have a setup I could copy to just drop into a Raspberry Pie?

Also these new cabinets have a stereo setup and built in volume button, which looks different than what others have posted. So I'm not sure if that changes what I should be doing.

Any help/feedback anyone could provide would be much appreciated!