SOLD! FS: Haunted House, Plymouth $2000

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SOLD! FS: Haunted House, Plymouth $2000

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Good players condition Haunted House. Plays great. Strong flippers, plays fast (for a HH at least). Playfield has minor wear in the usual spots. Cabinet is decent...looks like the corners may have been repaired at some point in it's life, but seems solid now. Backglass looks nice in game with a few minor touch-ups that aren't very noticeable from the front. Rottendog power supply board. Some hacks on main board (at least one jumpered trace, etc), but fully functional and has been for years. Third player display may be reaching end of life, or possibly needs a connector rebuild. It fades in and out as it pleases. Usually a smack on the side of the head brings it back, so hopefully just a connector issue. LEDs in playfield GI.

I've had this machine for almost 7 years. It was a bit of a basket case when I bought it. I got it up and running with the intent to replace the board and clean up everything else once it gave me more problems, and honestly, it hasn't given me enough trouble since to bother with. It is certainly not bulletproof or route ready, but it's been surprisingly solid in the years since. It's been on my list of things to "fix right" for a long time, but I never had the ambition since it keeps working well as-is. No guarantees once it is moved, because we all know how these things can be. For now, other than the flaky third player display, it is being sold fully working as-is. With a replacement board and some connector work (maybe a new display), this would be a very nice machine.

$2000 or trade towards a TMNT or Deadpool pro.

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Re: SOLD! FS: Haunted House, Plymouth $2000

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Did that dude over by Eau Claire pretending to be a retailer buy it?

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