2023 MadCity Flippers League

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2023 MadCity Flippers League

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The 2023 MadCity Flippers League has been rebooted and is a go!

Jonathan Zachermann and Steve Tully will be the Organizers for 2023, so contact JZ and/or Tully with questions or if you'd like to host.

- This will be a Non-IFPA preferably first Saturday of the Month League.

- We are currently at the Membership cap at 26. If you would like to join, let us know and if an opening becomes available, we'll let you know. New members must be approved by 2 current members.

- The League will depend on Hosts inviting the League into their homes for some friendly competition. We shouldn't need a lot of rules, other than common sense... No abusing machines, no smoking, drugs etc. Basically, be respectful of the Host and their space, and don't be a jerk or you will be asked to leave and not return.

- Hosts will decide capacity and if extra guests can attend. If capacity is reached, a waitlist will be started. The host should have about 5 Pinball Machines to compete on, and provide food, snacks and beverages for those attending. The cost will be $20 - $25 per month, depending on the Host's costs and the amount they would like in the prize pool. Players should commit to attending by the Thursday before League night, so the Host can plan accordingly.

- The competition format will be flexible, and may depend on attendance, time and number of Machines available to compete on.

- We'll communicate through email and on the Wisconsin Pinball website. Details will be in the members only section .

- We're lining up Hosts and will announce dates soon. Looks like there are openings in June, August, October, November & December.

Thank You,
JZ & Tully
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Re: 2023 MadCity Flippers League

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We can host in August.
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