TNA 2.0 $9k woof

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TNA 2.0 $9k woof

Post by wildrover »

As a Fang Club member I got the email about TNA 2.0. I signed up for the club exclusively to be notified about TNA and was onboard up until the $9k price tag. Obvs having to pay tax in WI as well thats a $9.5k big woof in my book. Anyone else onboard?
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Re: TNA 2.0 $9k woof

Post by 67cutlass »

I wish Spooky nothing but good will, but this does seem priced high in today's market. I get their overhead on parts for only 250 would be much higher than something like a Stern PRO. But comparing the cost of a Godzilla Premium compared to a TNA, to the end consumer, I don't see how you would choose a TNA.
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