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Re: Stern insider connect - thoughts

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KingPin Games wrote: Sun Oct 10, 2021 7:17 pm Just doing a little market research on this new feature from Stern.

Are you interested in the new achievements?

Do you think it will cause you to "play another game" while on location?

Is this something you will play at home?

At what cost would you retrofit your current games?

Hilton, as much as i value your opinion on this (and i do), i have already heard it and most here have too. I would like to keep this as civil as possible. At this time Stern is not charging for, nor requiring any payment from the operator (minus the increased cost) for this feature. Will that change in the future, your guess is as good as mine and your concerns about the data collections are valid.

I like the concept of getting achievements. I think at least initially it will cause an increase in play. I am hoping stern will integrate head to head internet competition or even integrate the chance for people to do speed runs and track them.

At the moment I would play it at home but not sure I will upgrade my older games unless the cost is reasonable. If a kit is over $200 I would have a hard time justifying updating all my games just to get a few achievements.

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Re: Stern insider connect - thoughts

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I am not interested in buying it for current games at any cost I have at home, but I am looking forward to having it on any new games.
As far as location play, it's a must have and I wouldn't hesitate to have it on locations.I know when Stern had the tournament format with the topper (Back in the Ripley's era) that showed the leaders and how much the prize pool was drew in the pinheads and the casual players to play.It was big with the employees also.
Stern will have to charge for it somehow, someday, but for the vendor's its a easy thing to look at the draw and decide if it's worth it for them or not.Using Brat Stop as a example, they would benefit from it as a draw and a way to get people engaged in it if they offered a t-shirt or drinks or something to people who played their games using the app.For me personally If two close locations had the same games and one was offering the app and the other wasn't I'm going to the location with it.
As far as camaras and sterns data info they will get.Who cares.It's not a bid conspiracy to take over the world or anything that matters to anyone who has nothing to hide.So my thought is the data will help improve the gave experience and the games themselves so I am all for them getting all the data they want.

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