[SOLD]: Pinbot, Embryon, Future Spa, Memory Lane (package)

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[SOLD]: Pinbot, Embryon, Future Spa, Memory Lane (package)

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** Package tentatively sold. **

Looking to switch some games up, plus don't have a ton of time/energy lately to fix stuff. Throwing this out here for now to see if anyone is interested in a 4 game deal on: Pinbot, Embryon, Future Spa and Memory Lane. I can provide more details / pictures if you're interested. Short details on them as follows (keep in mind this is how *I* feel on condition, other people might have different opinions). Yes, I'm being lazy in only posting this much, I'll get more when I get around to it; I'm not (but at the same time kinda) in a rush to sell all this.

Pinbot -- Project
- No idea on what the status is, bought it folded up; haven't really unfolded it
- Assume it'd need a full teardown, potential board repair or other parts replaced
- Bought replacement spiral ramp that's in alright shape
- Should be complete (I need to verify this)

Embryon -- Project
- Backglass near mint
- Playfield pretty good overall
- MPU will need repair
- Purchased power repair kit but haven't installed yet
- Cleaned and rattle canned the legs black
- Three plastics missing, but have scans of them to remake
- Assume possible other repairs

Future Spa -- Working players condition
- Overall not bad, pretty average players condition but working
- Could use some cleaning, maybe some work
- Bought replacement light refractor thing for behind "future spa" letters on backglass

Memory Lane -- [Supposed to be] working (I purchased mid-tear down)
- Players condition, overall not bad
- Some wear spots on the playfield, nothing horrible (to me)
- Backglass has flaking, but majority of art there that it'd be "acceptable"

Package price I'm throwing out at $3k. Again, if you're interested in chatting; I'll get more info and we can work out a deal.
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Re: FS: Pinbot, Embryon, Future Spa, Memory Lane (package)

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