FS? Craxy Taxi

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FS? Craxy Taxi

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I've got a sit-down version of Crazy Taxi I've had for a year or two now.

It's kind of a great game, in excellent shape. But it's a beast; it's huge. It's monstrously heavy.

I'm thinking, despite my kids' objections, I'd rather not have in my living room.

I bought it with the intention of setting up an emulator; tons of room in the bottom cabinet for a PC in there. But it's not bloody likely to ever happen. The CRT monitor has a VGA input, so it would be (relatively) easy to do.

So I'm not in any big hurry, but if anyone here is interested at all I can take pics, figure out a price.

I'll say it took 6 guys to get it off of the back of a rented pickup truck in my driveway, and we still almost lost it. It then took me a week to get it into my house. I had to break it down somewhat, and even remove the plastic bezel, to fit it in my front door with the hinges off. And then I had to build a makeshift ramp to get it up the 1/2 flight of stairs from there.

Once it's on level ground, it's easy-ish to move; it's on casters. But holy hell is this thing heavy.

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