WTB Mame or maybe a galaga?

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WTB Mame or maybe a galaga?

Post by Larelin »

Hi. Im an absolute newbie and im in the western part of the state. Im looking for one machine to go with my fooseball and air hocky table.. would love a mame with 60 games or maybe even a galaga machine . I knkw its a long shot, please let me know if anyone has anything of the sort.
I can't pay premium but do have 500ish give or take a couple hundred.


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Re: WTB Mame or maybe a galaga?

Post by QuyN »

Hey Jason,

Welcome to the site! If you want a cheap way to get into MAME, I would look into getting an empty cabinet powered with a Raspberry Pi running retropi. If a full sized cab is not there for you, then you can get an Arcade1Up cabinet with a Pi and run MAME in the same way. That is what I'm doing for my arcade fix. I don't want to use up the slot that I would normally put a pinball machine at, so I've got an A1Up with a Pi, and it's in our living room right now with the kids toys...but I have no issues turning it on to play :)


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