SOLD: Gorgar, $1100 obo

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SOLD: Gorgar, $1100 obo

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Pretty nice Gorgar for sale. Currently on route. The playfield has some ball swirls, but a playfield protector has been installed so it's not getting any worse. Plays well with everything working properly. Cabinet clean and solid. Backglass is marginal, flaking at the bottom but it's been heavily triple-thicked it won't get any worse. NVRAM on the board, power supply and sound boards completely recapped a few years back so should be solid. Full LED bulbs throughout. Every so often the sound drops out - haven't figured it out but reseating cables sometimes takes care of it. Will include 2 complete WPC mechs so you can upgrade the flippers if you'd like to make it play even better if you'd like. $1100 obo

Full pictures available here: ... -shDVIMRFa
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