FS: Metallica Pro $4300 obo SOLD

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FS: Metallica Pro $4300 obo SOLD

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I've decided to try and get more early solid state games and something has to go to make that happen. The game has a new Sparky due the the original loosing a foot, flipper fidelity speakers, a larger air ball protector for Sparky's feet, a few cliffy's in the shooter lane and ball return (I have the full clifffy set but only installed the ones previously listed). There is a scratch on the cabinet that I took a close up picture of, and the shooter lane does have some wear which is why I got the cliffy set. If you have any questions or want pics of anything else let me know. I live in Caledonia just north of Racine.

Ryan Kuiper
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Re: FS: Metallica Pro $4300 obo

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Re: FS: Metallica Pro $4300 obo

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I have someone interested. Give me a call.


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