[SOLD]: Devil's Dare

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[SOLD]: Devil's Dare

Post by jasonm »

Looking to change around my lineup a bit. Had my fun with this one, and just time to move onto something else. Price $1400. Located in Mukwonago, WI. Any questions, just ask!

I have pictures, and a quick video, uploaded to: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... fnNl6R0x3Y

The details on the machine are:
- All repo boards (swemmer)
- Backglass is near perfect, maybe a TINY piece or two imperfection wise.
- Powdercoated legs (hammer effect, really nice).
- No broken plastics, all in good condition
- Cabinet and inside are all very clean and in good shape
- Playfield has no large wear or anything, but some small spots or the black around insert wear.
- I fixed all the displays (that needed it, I think 4 of the 6?) with new chips.
- New drop targets either installed or have them (I'd rather wait til the old ones break then replace).
- I use a piece of plastic and expoy to fix the kicksave, as finding the rubber to center it is impossible. Works great, just a note
- The guys I got it from did a lot of work to the underside, so new coils and that.
- LEDs in the backbox and GI (how I got it)
- Manuals included

The only issues I can think of are:
- Some light sockets might need replacing
- Inserts still using incadescent bulbs
- Left bank of 5 drops has trouble resetting. I've tried adjusting it a couple times, seems fine; but won't reset. Might need new coil sleeve or coil. It's worked in the past just fine, but gets "temperamental" at times.
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Re: FS: Devil's Dare

Post by Hilton »

such a great game and price!

wish I had the funds!

whomever buys this, keep me in mind down the road when you want to sell :)

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