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pinball podcasts

Post by zenbone »

Just curious if anyone here listens to any of the numerous pinball podcasts or podcasts in general? I do some voice work for Poorman's Pinball Podcast (out of Milwaukee). I listen to a few other pinball podcasts.

I do 2 shows per week for a station out of St. Pete and also have a long running B-Movie podcast that i am going to start back up again when the dust settles. I thought about adding a Pinball podcast but after looking at the current landscape figured there wasn't really anything to add.

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Re: pinball podcasts

Post by CftBL »

If you’re talking general podcasts, one of my favorites is The Cabin. It’s done by the same crew that does the Discover Wisconsin Tv show. Talks about all the great different places in WI.

I might have heard of the Poormen...
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Re: pinball podcasts

Post by DeaconBlooze »

I used to listen a lot more than I do now, a shortened commute (and even more recently, NO commute) have really cut out a lot of the time I'd normally spend listening.


I enjoyed Coast 2 Coast pinball, but I don't think that's a thing anymore. I also used to check out The Pinball Podcast quite a while ago. Both of those were pretty well done back when I listened to them. I know there's a ton of pinball content out there now, and I just haven't kept up with any of it. I actually should, I feel like I'm really out of the loop on the rumor mill and QC stuff.


The only video game podcast I listened to for an extended period was the CAGcast (cheap ass gamer). It's definitely more on the conversational side. One of the guys was actually just starting to discover pinball when I last listened.


Next Fan Up - My buddy Brian (some of you know him) is the Packers superfan on this one. If you're an NFL fan, check that one out.

Educational stuff...

Choose FI - If you have an interest in financial independence/retirement this is a really good one. I basically got what I needed out of it a while ago and haven't revisited it. They have some really good stuff on travel rewards via credit cards. I'm not a big traveler, but I covered all transportation and lodging for a couple of trips using their method, so this one podcast literally saved me thousands of dollars.

Freakonomics Radio - sort of like a 60 minutes, a single topic explored with economic thought.


Serial is one I'd consider a must listen if you haven't already. It's one of those that really took the medium to another level. Most other podcasts I've gone in and out of over the years.

I used to listen to the Carolla podcast regularly a number of years ago. He's funny, but you tend to hear the same jokes/stories if you listen to anything for an extended period. His sound guy, Bald Bryan, had a movie podcast (Film Vault) I also listened to for quite a while.
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Re: pinball podcasts

Post by Chris K »

If anyone hasn’t listened to Stuff You Should Know, check it out. They give a ~60 minute overview of any particular topic, ranging from volcanoes to Lewis & Clark to shrooms. It’s like listening to a couple knowledgeable friends chat about something... not too geeky or dry. They’re apparently one of the most popular podcasts out there, but it’s one of the first I came across, and I’ve been trying in vain for a year to work my way through their entire catalog.

Serial is great, too, I agree! I particularly like the S-Town “season”.

If you want to cringe, check out My Dad Wrote a Porno. Three friends read a (really bad) porn novel that one of their fathers wrote... in character. You can hear them squirm as they try to get through it.

I tried to listen to some pinball podcasts, but they all seemed to be either about who did what at a tournament (I don’t care about tournaments), or someone’s opinion over what’s the best/worst (I don’t care about strangers’ opinions). I’d listen to a quick “what’s new” podcast akin to NPR’s Up First, but I haven’t found one, yet.
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