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Anybody own Oktoberfest ?

Decided I can't part with my Houdini and Hot Wheels is a great game. Maybe I should think about filling in the one missing AP game to go with the other two ?

If you have one I'd like to hear what you think about the game. I have only played a couple games on one and that was about a year ago at Expo.

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Re: Oktoberfest

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I love the game.. lots of shots, cool ramps. I played a nice one at foxx lanes in Waukesha. If I had room, it would be in my collection right now.
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Re: Oktoberfest

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I have an Oktoberfest and love it. I was never big on the theme, but the layout is unique and the rules are what made me get one. You can play any mode in any order. The steins are what really make the game interesting. Each stein is like a power up for the modes, multiballs, and progress. You can go three deep on each stein to really maximize the added benefit. There are many different ways to proceed through the game, whenever I think i have a good strategy, I find a better one by experimenting.

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