Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

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Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

Post by ralphwiggum »

Just checking in with everyone in the area to see how they are doing...

Rather than the usual - Covid is is destroying everything, let's use this thread to stay positive and keep on keepin' on.

1. Are you working? Is it different now than a few weeks ago?

2. What are you doing to occupy your time when you are at home?

3. Name Your Desert Island Machine.

4. Approx. Toilet Paper Survival Time :D
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Re: Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

Post by ralphwiggum »

1. I am an IT guy for a small municipality- about 12,000 residents, my wife is an RN currently doing phone triage. My work week last week was 82 hours (salaried position for the win... lol) my wife's was 50 hours, and she is part time. Luckily I am able to work from home for the most part, but currently I have to physically go in one day per week to address a few issues that need in person assistance.

2. So far, with the remote support for 125 users that have never worked from home, it has been daunting to say the least. But when I do get free time, my 3 sons and I have been playing a lot of board games and doing school work to try to keep the day as routine as possible.

3. Easy one- Simpsons Pinball Party

4. 6 rolls for a family of five. Didn't get in on the buying frenzy, but thinking we have about two weeks before the hot tub becomes the world's warmest bidet.
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Re: Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

Post by JohnH »

1. I'm a software engineer for a company that does warehousing and order fulfillment systems. Much of our work is in the food industry and such we were deemed "essential". Mostly working at home these days. This is typically the time of year where a lot of work is coming in and, as you can imagine, people aren't all that eager to spend money with all the uncertainty out there.

2. Other than sports, I'm not a big TV watcher. Getting to some home projects I've now run out of excuses for not doing as well as putting some long overdue time into a Bally Viking project that's been sitting here for quite some time.

3. Gotta agree with Tim on this one.

4. It's only the wife an I these days so we're probably good for a month. We also missed the buying frenzy.

Be safe everyone...this is only the beginning.
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Re: Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

Post by Eric_S »

1. I'm an engineer for an electric utility, so I'm considered essential. I'm able to work remotely, so set up an office in the basement. A lot of my time is been doing documentation updates and answering questions.

2. Other than work, helping keep the kids occupied (age 4 and 5). I'm working on a Williams Time Fantasy project too. My son (4) likes to help out when he can.

3. Lately, it has been The Walking Dead. I've had some awesome games lately. This weekend, in one 3-ball game I got to Horde, escaped Terminus, had a 400 million crossbow shot and set the GC at 1.1+ billion.

4. Not worried about TP, there are plenty of pine cones in the backyard.

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Re: Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

Post by Chris K »

1. I manage the IT operations team at a State agency, supporting staff and maintaining IT infrastructure (servers, databases, etc). Fortunately our work is conducive to WFH for the most part, and our Director is a big proponent. We took most of Week One to mobilize 95% of our work, and we've taken the rest of the time to get our edge cases off-site. We've largely declared WFH success the past few days, and my job right now is mostly running interference for my staff while they try to keep a bunch of barely (computer) literate people working with such bleeding edge tech as Skype, VPN, and mobile hotspots. I topped out at 60's, and I hope to get back to 40hr weeks this week or next. I can't complain!

2. I've added "pass out on the couch after making dinner" to my daily repertoire. I'm playing a lot of Forza Horizon on my PC... I love building Frankenstein cars and sliding them around. Many nights I just pass out watching old GameCenter CX videos. The kids and I have been playing a lot of Smash and Mario Kart when I can hide from work Skypes. Oh, and we got two kittens right before COVID, and we're all enjoying watching them play 20 hours a day. The female loves pinball, and sits in the middle of the glass while you play.

3. Scared Stiff. No doubt about it. Only way it goes away is if there's a CGC Remake, and even then I'm not sure.

4. I live with three girls, so no matter the quantity of TP in the house, we're T-minus one week. I have threatened to sequester a roll for myself. I don't care how much they stockpile, I'll run out last. :)
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Re: Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

Post by u2sean »

1. I work for a custom software development company, so have been working from home for the past couple of weeks. Initially setup on the kitchen table and that lasted about 2 days, at which point I took over the wife's writing desk that wasn't getting used so I know have my own little office. It's amazing the amount of coffee I go through now at home. Also being one of those that runs Madison Pinball, I now have time to work on my own machines!

2. I've had a bunch of pin projects I've been neglecting for years, so am finally starting to make headway. TZ driver board 12v issue and custom slot machine topper completed (after almost starting it on fire), Cosmic Gunfight conversion finished, Frontier almost done and then Mini Baseball, Frontier, Sinbad and Wizard in no particular order.

3. Dialed In...or maybe Tron.

4. I've got a good solid month. There are three of us here with my daughter now home from college for the remainder of the semester. Thankfully I had stocked up weeks ahead of all the craziness started.

Stay home and stay well, folks. Enjoy this downtime if you're able.
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Re: Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

Post by chevmontess »

1. I work in sales for National Business Furniture so as you can imagine sales have been way down (68% to be exact) the last few weeks with less people actually in offices to try and contact. Some of our business is to government agencies and hospitals but it has been hard to source and we have run out of so many essential products for hospitals to have at this time. They were able to transition 98% of our staff to working from home in a matter of about 48 hours which I found incredible and pretty flawlessly I might add. Just trying to make sure my customers are taken care of for those who are still in need and letting everyone know we are open and still shipping most things same day. Hoping this turns around sooner than later as being in sales this can only last so long before I am sure they start making some cuts :/

2. I am probably working more now than I did before just making more passes on clients and following up on old leads. We also have a one year old who is tube fed so always busy with helping her. I get about 30-40 mins a day to play pinball though which keeps me sane :)

3. This is so tough but I'd have to say Future Spa :)

4. We have 5 people living in our house so I'd say currently probably two weeks. The baby has more than enough diapers though so could probably switch to those if need be

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Re: Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

Post by brooketrout »

1. I am an interior designer/architect primarily in Kitchen & Bath. We're are still 'open' but working remotely as construction operations are considered essential for both private & public projects. I go into my showroom here & there to collect more files to work on or to look at material selections for clients. Otherwise, I am working from home and have been enjoying it quite honestly. Mainly just working on current projects of creating and updating floorplans with prior clients. Have not been getting any new leads as one could imagine and not many people are comfortable with having a whole construction crew in your home for a remodel during a pandemic....I'm curious to see how things go in the next month or two. My husband is also essential as he works and maintains medical equipment. They are getting a lot of calls to update & fix ventilators in the state while also trying to keep up with their normal scheduled maintenance routines. They are swamped. In a nutshell, the last two weeks have been of 'normal' to us as he goes to work each day and so do I, but at home & we have our weekends off. I will say, I definitely appreciate our positions during this time!

2. We have been working on home projects both indoors & outdoors. Planning what we want to do for landscaping and putting up a new fence in the backyard for the dog (Shay). We have Tales from the Crypt at home so we play that to get our pinball fix. We go on many dog walks, pick up trash around the neighborhood and try to go out hiking to stay sane as well. Otherwise, it has been wonderful to clean and organize things around the house (I love it, sincerely) & I also have been working on my 'Bullet Journal' now that I have a little more time. Hoping to break out my art materials to get back in my art project groove or write letters because why not? It's fun personal mail vs. lame everyday bills & annoying junk mail haha! Plus, gives me a chance to play with my Calligraphy pen I picked up before all of this!

3. Oh boy, I'd have to go with Starship Troopers or Attack from Mars

4. It is just us two - we have about 4 rolls left at the moment. There is a shower to use as bidet if needed or we're campers so leaves are cool :lol:

Stay sane, keep washing hands & stay well!


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Re: Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

Post by tullster »

Ok, I'll play...
1 - Yes, still working. Auto Parts & Hardware, so we're essential. We're always busy in the Spring, but this year the bored people doing non-essential petty projects have been getting on our nerves. People just don't get it. This serious shit... Leave the family at home, get your stuff, spare me the chatter and get out. When things return to normal, I'll be glad to shoot the shit. Next week we'll be removing the stools and stacking cases of product as a fence to keep them away from the counter, and probably be taking further steps. Always cleaning handles, keyboards, etc. The reality check was a couple of weeks ago when a local hospital came down and cleared us out of disposable gloves. We sold all our disposable masks in one transaction about a month ago. Crazy Times!

2 - Getting the boat & fishing stuff ready! Been going on some late afternoon drives because gas is cheap!

3 - Playing a lot of everything lately. Got RoboCop ready for the MGC anyhow, so been playing that a lot. Also got the 2 EM's in the basement cleared off and running.

4 - No problem with the TP. Pat always grabs it when it's on sale, so we've got a bunch. Same goes with bottled water, paper towels & coffee!

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Re: Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

Post by RustyLizard »

1) Post Office considered essential. I took 2 weeks off for Texas and MGC. With this all coming down I decided to keep them and stick around home. Back to work on Monday. Wife is a nurse in dialysis so kind of scary times when she goes off to work.

2) Big project is I am doing a playfield swap on my Funhouse that Tim traded to me years ago. It took this to finally get me working on it. Also, bought a used car, did our taxes and my mother's.

3) Everyone knows that Jungle Lord is my go to game but I have also been playing a lot of LUCI and TRON this week.

4)I think we are ok for a week or 2. Will find some when we need it.

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Re: Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

Post by LakeWIPinball »

I applaud anybody who comes up with ideas to help us all pass the time in isolation so I will play along.
1. I am an anesthesiologist. I would still be working but I am currently quarantined because I spiked a fever this past week. Fortunately, I had separated from my family for the duration knowing that I had a higher chance of catching COVID. I'm better now and will be back in the hospital working next week after my quarantine period has ended. We are busy figuring out how we will handle the coming surge of patients. OR work is actually down with non-urgent surgery postponed but there will be plenty to do.

2. I have been passing the time at home learning to live alone. I am also attending many daily teleconferences and communicating via infinite streams of email and text messages. Figuring out how to coordinate care for a situation none of us thought we would ever be in takes some planning. When I am done with that for the day I find a show to stream. I had to watch some Rick & Morty so I could understand what that pinball craze was about. Watched Tiger King so I could understand that social phenomenon. None of it is terribly good but it does help you forget the world's problem for awhile.

3. It's always hard to narrow down to a single game. I think it would have to be Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. JJP makes great games and I enjoy this one quite a bit.

4. No problem. We have been Costco shoppers for years and I saw this crisis coming months ago. I tried to stock up on anything that would keep my wife from going to stores and contracting the virus.

Hello to all of our old Madison pinball friends. Hang in there. I look forward to seeing everyone out and about again someday!
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Re: Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

Post by ChrisS »

1. I am a Production Manager in the concert industry. Needless to say my entire industry evaporated overnight. I'm incredibly lucky because I work for an artist that values the people that work for them and I'm getting paid to be ready when we can go back to work. Most likely that will be in 6 months. Again, I'm very lucky but there are millions in all fields that aren't so lucky right now.

2. We are in Missouri right now with a planned visit to my wife's family. We were suppose to be camping and such at this point. Since that is all locked down I have been painting my in-laws house and will be helping my father in-law with some other projects he needs a hand with. When I get home I will most likely start my Monopoly playfield swap or my Fire playfield swap.

3. Any machine that Nobling won't destroy me on ball 3 to pick up that dollar. I would say either MET or AC/DC. In the end I can enjoy them based on the music alone.

4. 3 months. My wife is a very smart women and saw all this coming so she had been stocking up. We can also raid the trailer if we need to as well. Although that is kind that breaks down really easy so that will be some expensive rolls of TP.

Be safe out there folks.

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Re: Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

Post by epthegeek »

1. Still working. I do sysadmin junk for a web company, so working remotely (we're all working remotely). Liz is a RN for a nursing home, so she's still working, though she had most of March off for kid's spring breaks, TPF and MGC, so we were all camped out together for a lot of it so far. She's back to work now though, and her facility informed them they're going to accept covid-19 positive patients so that's super great.

2. Doing work stuff as needed, working on R&M when I can. Haven't done much recreational other than help on a few Puzzles being assembled and flop in front of the TV to veg. The every-other-thursday casual league we host is on hold, of course.

3. I don't know that I could pick a game. I'm pretty 'off the wagon' these days. Barely play at all.

4. We just have whatever our standard amount of TP is. Didn't do any panic buying, have been out to grocery shop a few times and didn't have trouble finding supplies generally.
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Re: Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

Post by Methos »

1. Still working as my company is considered essential. Some people have been sent home, but others haven't and the last few weeks have been quite interesting.

2. Have spent a lot of time outdoors, hiking,working, timber work, landscaping, you name it. Not enough hours in the day. One positive thing is that we have eaten as a family almost every night now, and it's very enjoyable. Also doing online poker with some friends, so perspective isn't too far off my normal routine. My kids and wife and going stir crazy.

3. Playing a lot of Big Game and Cyclopes of late.

4. Stocked up a few weeks ago, plenty to last.

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Re: Covid- How is Everyone Holding Up?

Post by QuyN »

1. I'm still working. I'm a supervisor in a production laboratory in the Ag industry, so considered essential. My wife is a teacher in the Madison School district, and has been home with the kids since this all started. She's been working from home helping to prepare for virtual learning for the kids. Needless to say, it's all uncharted territory for her and they're taking it one day at a time.

2. My routine is still largely the same, the only difference now is that when I get home, the kids swarm to me since they're looking for someone else to bother other than their mom everyday. After I peel them off, I start making dinner, then after the kids are in bed, I'll head down to the basement to play pinball or catch up on console games. Every once in a while, I'll let my wife down too :) We recently bought a few multiplayer Nintendo Switch games for all of us to spend time playing.

3. One game...that's hard. Probably TWD due to its ruleset and difficulty. I can occasionally get to Horde, but everything else is *just* out of reach. I'll get to them one day.

4. TP survival time is good. Just reupped on a Costco pack last week, NIP, New-In-Plastic :D

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