Fathom remake?

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Fathom remake?

Post by DeaconBlooze »

Apparently Haggis is remaking Fathom?

Who's Haggis?

Any idea on pricing?

I'm a little out of the loop.
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Re: Fathom remake?

Post by Eric_S »

Good overview here: https://www.pinballnews.com/site/2021/0 ... announced/

At over $9K for the edition with new rules, I'm out for sure.

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Chris K
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Re: Fathom remake?

Post by Chris K »

Man, if you REALLY like Fathom that looks really cool. I mean, you could buy any game on the market for that price. With MMR/MBR/AFMR the Remake version was at least a value proposition to get a brand new game for vintage prices. Fathom would have to be your favorite game to buy one of these.

Good luck to them. I'd love to see lots of classic games "remastered", if you will. Increase the supply of older games. I'll wait patiently for my Paragon. :)
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Re: Fathom remake?

Post by Methos »

Great idea, but the price is crazy. This hobby is officially insane. I can't believe the people lining up to grab this. I talked to guy from Haggis at the last Expo, and he seems like a really cool dude, but wow.

Good luck contacting PPS when you need Tech support.

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