System 1 Repinning

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System 1 Repinning

Post by JohnH »

Has anyone come up with an alternative for the way too fragile (and way too expensive) Molex pin extraction tool?
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Re: System 1 Repinning

Post by Eric_S »

I picked up a set of cheap jeweler's screwdrivers and filed it down so it was narrow enough to fit into the molex housing.

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Re: System 1 Repinning

Post by tullster »

What Eric said or your local auto parts store should have these. The 56500 might work and is about $15, and the other ones are about $20
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Re: System 1 Repinning

Post by ralphwiggum »

I like using the dental pick sets that hardware stores sell. Many of them are angled, so it makes extraction super easy because you can use leverage from the angle to get a form push out.
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