MadCity Flippers League Rules 2018

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MadCity Flippers League Rules 2018

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Rule 1. The MadCity Flippers pinball league season will run on a calendar year basis from January through December. The league will play once per month at a Host house, which is a league member’s personal residence.

Rule 2. The league has a Board of directors, which consists of 5 league members. The Board members are voted in by existing members and will serve a 2 year term. Every other year, voting of Board members for the next season will occur on the final league night. One of the 5 board members will also be Treasurer for the same 2-year term. The Treasurer is responsible for keeping the list of current members, any waiting list to get into the league, as well as collecting and managing annual dues.

Rule 3. MadCity Flipper league will be limited to 26 members. Existing members can continue into the next season unless they state they do not wish to. Decisions on whether or not members are continuing next season must be decided by the final league night in November.

Rule 4. New members will join at the start of a new season. If we do not have full membership at the start of a season, new members may still join a current season in progress if they participate on or before the second league night, typically February. After that time, the league is locked for the season.

Rule 5. Substitutes are available to fill in for members that are unable to attend a league night. This will be based on a pre-approved list of subs. Substitutes must have a league member sponsor them.

Rule 6. Due to the fact that league is held at individual Host residences, all new members and substitutes must be sponsored by an existing league member, and approved by the Board. If the maximum number of members is met (Rule 3) or league is locked (Rule 4), anyone requesting to become part of the league is put on a waiting list. Each year, open member positions will be filled with those on the waiting list. Recommended substitutes will be approved by the Board.

Rule 7. League stats will be reported to IFPA on a Quarterly basis. This will be voluntarily done by league members, who will also be responsible for keeping track of scores during the league nights. There should be two or more members responsible for this to ensure backup coverage for those occasions when one cannot attend.

Rule 8. There is a $145 annual cost, due in the first 2 months of member participation and is payable to the Treasurer. $120 of the funds collected is for a $10/mo hosting fee for the full year, and $25 will be used to purchase MatchPlay software and trophies with the remaining funds to be used as a cash prize for the top 8 finishers (30%, 20%, 12%, 10%, 9%, 8%, 7%, 6%) at the end of the season based on total league points. No money will be kept/carried over year over year.

Rule 9. When League is held at private residence, the Host has the right to set certain rules (such as no shoes, no smoking on the property, etc.). Drug use at league will not be tolerated. Complaints will be addressed by the Board and a warning given. If the behavior continues, the participant can be expelled from the league by the Board.

Rule 10. Members must refrain from obnoxious behavior at league (extensive swearing, aggressive behavior towards members or property, etc...). Complaints will be addressed by the Board and a warning given. If the behavior continues, the member can be expelled from the league by the Board.

Rule 11. Members are allowed to participate in other leagues.

Rule 12. The $10 nightly cost to attend league that was collected in advance is provided to each host to purchase food and drink by the Treasurer. The Host for that evening is responsible for providing a meal, snacks and beer/water/soda. If there is something special a member would like to drink or eat, feel free to bring it along as well.

Rule 13. Subs are a vetted list of people that are sponsored by active league members at the start of the year. The list will be available on the Wisconsin Pinball site in the members section. Those that are missing league have first choice at selecting a substitute. If the member chooses not to select someone then all remaining subs will be notified of the open slot if they’re available on a first come first served basis. The benefit with subs is to stabilize the monthly player base and IFPA point value of each league event while also providing the ability to have non-league members enjoy home collections. Subs will pay the Treasurer $10 like regular league members. This money will go into the prize fund.

Rule 14. There are times when you may want to bring a guest along to league with you (significant other, relative or friend). Due to the fact that the league has grown in size, if you’d like to bring a non-member to league night, you must ask the Host for permission. This may not be a problem for hosts with a larger space, but depending on the number of members that will be participating that night along with space limitations of the individual Host, it may simply not be feasible.

Rule 15. Only Members and Subs are allowed to participate in league play.

Rule 16. Hosts generously open up their houses and make this league possible. Having 4 functioning machines, printed score sheets and a Laptop available to run the tournament software is all that’s necessary to host a league night!

We will be breaking our league into Quarterly “Seasons”. Each season is three consecutive months (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec). There will be a series of 5 PAPA style games played each night, with all available machines. Players must play in packs of 3 or 4. Initial seeding each night is based on current annual league standing. January league night will be based on previous year standing, with new members starting at the end. Subsequent seeding based on total points for that night. Ties across groupings will be randomly selected. 4 packs (7-5-3-1) will always be played for the highest ranking groups and 3 (7-4-1) packs as needed. If there is a tie for 1st place for a Season, position will be determined by a 1 game playoff on a randomly chosen machine. Any other ties are reported to the IFPA as such.

The ending rank/position determines points for that night. All players (regulars and subs) are submitted to the IFPA on a Quarterly basis.

For IFPA scoring for 2017, the number of significant games is 1x for qualifying and 2x for competitive play when using 4 player match play. Head to Head x5 games (x3 months) will mean we will max out at 26 games.

Each participant will receive from 35 to 5 points each month they participate. If a member or sub only participates in one of the two monthly events, they will receive 0 points for IFPA reporting purposes for the month(s) missed. IFPA and League standings are treated separately. IFPA is submitted for each Season (3 months) based on your finishing position and includes all subs that play, hence maintaining a more consistent base value for each league night IFPA submission.
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