Willy Wonka Launch Party - Madison July 20th

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Willy Wonka Launch Party - Madison July 20th

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We are excited to announce that we'll be hosting an official WONKA Launch Party at Schwoegler's Entertainment Center on July 20th. This will occur before the regular monthly tournament (both are sanctioned events). I fully realize that Neo's Pirate's Booty tourney is also scheduled for this day down in Burlington, but if you're not signed up for that swing on by for some good pinball playin'! There's just so much great pinball in WI these days - love it!!

Alright, here are the details:

Schwoegler's Entertainment Center
444 Grand Canyon Dr
Madison, WI 53719

Saturday, July 20 (1pm-4pm) qualifying with playoffs immediately following.

Qualify Method 1: Every player can play as often as time allows at the Launch party. In order to play, a participant must place their name on the list and are asked to cue and be ready to play when it is their turn. Your score is recorded after playing by another participant and verified by you. If all participants in attendance/in cue at any given time have already played once, then they are allowed to play additional qualifying attempts (Players responsibility to Void/cross out any score that is lower; players should place name on 2nd attempts list in order to re-cue and please only place name on 2nd attempts after you complete your current attempt is complete). Priority of play is given to any players that have not yet played their 1st attempt, so they will be bumped to the front of the line for all players waiting to play their 2nd+ attempts. Highest score for each player at the end of qualifying is used to determine the final 1-6 Seeds, or your final position.

Qualify Method 2: Seeds 7 and 8 will be determined by a separate unlimited qualifying from July 13- July 19. Willy Wonka will be on location at Schwoeglers Entertainment Center and high scores will be reset prior to this portion of qualifying. Players should make sure they clearly enter an identifying name on HSTD of the game. This portion of the qualifying will end when the official shuts down the game and records scores on Friday, July 19th after bar closes. These top two scores will qualify for playoff positions 7 and 8 at the official launch party. Players may not qualify for multiple playoff positions and must be present at the launch party to participate. In the event of a repeat player in the top 2 qualifying scores from this portion of qualifying then the next non-repeat player will qualify. In the event that there are not 2 unique players on the HSTD of the game, then only those unique players will qualify and there will be fewer that 2 seeds from this portion.

Priority for seeding is given to Launch party qualifiers. In the event that someone qualifies at location portion of qualifying and launch portion, the launch party position takes priority and the pre-qualifying position is negated (next available unique player will take the next spot or no player if none others on the HSTD at the time of location portion conclusion.)

Playoff format:
Qualifiers 1-3-5-7 and 2-4-6-8 will play PAPA style 4-player games / match play across 4 pre-selected games with Launch game as 1 of the games. 4, 3, 2, 1 scoring based on finishing position for each game and combined total used to determine whom advances. Player position on all games for playoff round selected with priority given to higher seed to lower seed. Play position will be maintained for the entire playoff match. When games are open and available for play, each playoff group is required to efficiently play through all games (i.e. multiple games being played simultaneously). Top 2 players from each group advance to finals round. If there is a tie after all games, the player with the higher score on the Launch game in that playoff round advances.

Finals round: The remaining 4 players will play PAPA style 4-player games across 4 pre-selected games with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as the final game. In the event of a tie, the score on Willy Wonka is the tiebreaker.

Prizes: Trophies and prizes provided by Kingpin Games (Chris!), Jersey Jack Pinball, Madison Pinball and Schwoegler's
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