Mad Rollin Pinball 2019...

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Mad Rollin Pinball 2019...

Post by Hilton »

I have been getting lots of questions about the status of MRP 2019.

Lots of rumors and even some pretty funny ideas of what is going on behind the scenes, so I would rather just set it straight for all.
Long Story Short... Alt Brew is likely building out the back room of brewery by mid Sept.
That means we dont have room there if things go as planned.

I have looked into other options but things look less than promising right now.

If it happens, then it will be the weekend of Sept 13 and 14th. That is a bye week for WI badgers and when it traditionally happens.

I am told Nick S is looking into logistics of a pingolf type event in Madison in September, so there may be an alternative Madison type pinball event for this year. I dont have any other details but worth mention.

TLDR: MRP may be taking a hiatus for 2019. It may still happen. Just not sure yet, but wanted to let yall know what I know so you can plan accordingly.

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Re: Mad Rollin Pinball 2019...

Post by Boyo25guy »

Yeah, a couple of us are talking about running a Pinmasters-style event in Madison at some point. If MRP isn’t happening this year, then September would make sense as a potential time to have it. If MRP is happening, then it certainly doesn’t make sense to run different pin-golf event anywhere near it. Thanks for the update.

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