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A New Flippin' League for Milwaukee

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:16 pm
by ChestRockwell
Hey there, fellow flippers! I know some of you pinheads have heard rumblings for awhile, but I am formally announcing the beginning of a new pinball league located here in Milwaukee! I don't want to bog this post down with way too many details, but here are the basics: League nights will primarily take place on designated Saturday evenings, beginning at 7 p.m. There is a possibility of a couple Sunday afternoon starts, but we'll play it by ear. League will also almost exclusively be hosted at Jim Rad's private residence. While many of the Milwaukee pin community knows Jim, for those who don't he is a pinball collector, enthusiast, and overall super decent dude. The location is in Milwaukee, near Highway 100 and Beloit. By the first league night, on January 27th, Jim will have 24(!!!!) finely tuned pinball machines in his collection for league members to play. Seriously, they are all in IMPECCABLE shape. Games will be played in 4 and 3 player groups. I will be using software to organize groups quickly, with 7 games being played each league night. (Of course, play before and after league night is always welcome.) Scoring is 7-5-3-1 in 4-player groups, and 7-4-1 in 3-player groups. Each "season" consists of 2 league nights. There will be no initial entry fee whatsoever, only $10 per person each league night. $5 will go towards snacks/beer/soda/water/electricity/location, and the other $5 will entirely be for some awesome trophies-(thanks, TrophyAthleticMKE)- and payouts. Trophies and payouts will be handed out at the conclusion of every 2 league nights/"season". If you are interested, please either send me a message or comment here. Another option is to directly email me at:
I will be asking interested people for their email addresses after that, as this will be a way to RSVP for each league night and a way to inform league members of critical details or emergency changes. There is a "Member's Only" section in this thread where details about each league night will be available for league member's only, and that will be a second way to RSVP. Password will be provided after your membership is confirmed. Probably will fill each night on a first reply/first serve basis and will likely cap it at 32 people, but that is assuming we ever even approach that number. Also, this is an adult league for adults, who use adult language while drinking adult beverages, so we would like to keep this league for people 18+ years of age. That said, I believe exceptions can be made if it's discussed with Jim/the host. Lastly, we WILL be reporting to and supporting the IFPA(International Flipper Pinball Association). That means $1 must be thrown in the "IFPA Jar" by each league member for each 2-month season. No biggie. So, there you have it!!! Excitement is building!!!! Games are waxed, leveled and ready to go!!!! Message me now to get in!!!!

Re: A New Flippin' League for Milwaukee

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:03 am
by epthegeek
I’d be interested in giving this a go, if you’re not already flooded with more regular tournament players.

Re: A New Flippin' League for Milwaukee

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:21 am
by WindRaidor
I’d also be interested. I’m newer to the hobby of collecting pinball machines; but, really enjoy playing them and competing in local tourneys. This is also right down the road from me :)