Alt Brew Monthly Meetups 2018 > First Thurs each month

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Alt Brew Monthly Meetups 2018 > First Thurs each month

Post by Hilton » Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:31 am

We are trying some new stuff for tournaments/meetups for Madison Pinball locations in 2018.

Alt Brew is still being held the first Thursday of every month and will start at 6:30, but if you are a little late or come early then that is cool also.
All monthly meetups will be a bit more casual in nature and for fun and prizes. Since these will be non-IFPA we can try fun and sometimes goofy things that will hopefully scratch your itch for pinball without the more competitive aspect.

Worth mention that Madison Pinball will still be hosting IFPA events at Pooleys (Run by Ryan and Bryon) and Schwoeglers, plus some larger scale events and launch parties throughout the year, so think of this as just a bit more variety.

We will be trying to round up some fun prizes for these less competitive things and starting with this month we have a Dialed In! translite donated by kingpin games.

We also have some beer prizes provided by Alt Brew (and some other local establishments) throughout the year.

Events formats will change pretty regularly and adapt based on player feedback.

Expect to try things like Critical Hit, Team play, Split flipper, flipper frenzy, king of the hill, bowling, golf, 1 hand, etc...
Always open to new ideas so please share if there is something you want to try out. This is the ALTernative monthly meetup afterall :)

Hope to see some of you out there and have some fun with pinball.
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