Dialed in Star Wars launch party

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Dialed in Star Wars launch party

Post by pinballgap » Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:13 pm

Hello, all you fellow pinheads!!
I will be running a Dialed In and hopefully a Star Wars Premium launch party Aug 26th in Milwaukee at Jim Radovich's house. I am sending this email out as a heads up that I will be opening registration THIS SATURDAY JULY 22nd AT 9AM to the first 45 people who email me to register. Any additional people that try to email me will be put on a waitlist. ddaluga@yahoo.com

I REALLY need all of your help in forwarding this email to anyone I may have missed on this email chain that would possibly be interested in this tournament. Even if you are not planning on attending please forward to anyone I don't have stored in my email book. That would be much appreciated.

$30 will get you food and drinks for the day($10) and also contribute to top 3 in A and B divisions getting cash prizes.($20) Trophies hopefully to be made by the one and only Lynn Daluga who has some prestigious previous launch party trophies along with some prizes from Stern and Jersey Jack as well as some other prizes I will be donating.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions as I will be more than happy to answer or listen.

Format and Qualifying:
The main tournament will consist of every player having a single attempt on each of the 11 qualifying machines. Players will be placed into groups of four per machine for qualifying and each group will rotate per machine. Total points for each game will be tallied and players will be ranked based on their performance using the following scoring (100-95-92-90-89-88,etc)
No Extra Balls! Tight Tilts! Competition Mode!
Any significant ties for qualifying will be decided by a predetermined game with high score taking the higher spot
Ties for the last playoff spots will have a one ball playoff on a randomly drawn game to determine qualifying rank.
Playoff Format:
The Top 16 Players A Division will play in 4 player groups/3 game playoff per round
The Playoffs will consist of 4 player groups that will play 3 games on a 4-3-2-1 points per game scoring format.
The Total Points after 3 games will be determined and the top 2 will advance to the next round.
Playoff games will be predetermined for each round. A will play qualifying games and B will play Alt Games
Final round will consist of the Final four players playing 3 games.
Any significant ties will go to a 4th final game and only those players relevant to advancing will play a 4th game.
Games will be set up on tournament settings (no extra balls, Tight tilts, competition mode, etc).
TGP will be 100% with 11 qualifying games and 3 rounds of 4 player/3 games per round playoffs (3x6=18) for a total of 29 games played.
There will be B Division Playoffs
B will consist of players ranked 17-32
These B division matchups will not count towards the TGP but will count towards the final standings submitted to the IFPA.
Note: Any person deciding not to participate in playoffs will be given the lowest rank for their division.

All players must be present by no later than 9:45am to ensure the tournament starts on time at 10AM.
Any player that shows up late will result in a disqualification from the tournament.
Players are allowed to practice starting at 9AM until 9:45AM after checking in the day of the event.
4 Player groups for qualifying will be determined by your IFPA rank.
All main tournament games must be played in the group format (no single play) unless otherwise stated by the tournament director.

Any player(s) being disruptive or interfering with the tournament will be asked to leave the premises.
Any player performing a death save, throwing and/or slamming a machine or treating a machine in an abusive manner which could cause damage to a machine will be disqualified and asked to leave the premises.

Tournament Games:
Star Trek Next Gen
WMS Indiana Jones
Xmen LE
Batman Dark Knight
Dialed In
Haunted House
Star Wars Premium
Terminator 3
Ghostbusters Premium

Alternate games (also may be used in playoffs)
Twilight Zone
Cirqus Voltaire
Demo Man
No Good Gofers
Wizard of Oz

Alternate Alternate games Should something crazy happen... (not to be used in playoffs if dont have to)
Lord of the RIngs


-David Daluga ddaluga@yahoo.com
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Re: Dialed in Star Wars launch party

Post by pinballgap » Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:16 pm

Dave and Jim are doing this I just added so any of you pinheads want to join us for a fun filled exciting day of nonstop action.SIGN UP NOW WHILE YOU HAVE A CHANCE :D :D :D .Hey it's only PINBALL
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