2017 Mad City Championships

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2017 Mad City Championships

Post by Hilton » Fri May 19, 2017 2:17 pm

MCC is back again (with improvements) for 2017!

Rankings are live and fun to track along with during the year.

Details for the event:
2017 MadCity Championship Tournament

The cap stone event to crown the best player in the Madison region for the 2017 season. The MadCity Championship will be held in a private residence on Dec 31 2017, starting at Noon. The top 24 players based on combined ranking from all Madison based monthly, quarterly, and launch party events are invited to participate. Players must participate in at least 20% of the total events held throughout the year and be in good standing during the year in order to be eligible to be crowned the MadCity Champion. Players with less than 20% participation may still qualify and play in the final event but they are not eligible to take home the belt. Players can follow along and track ranking at Madison 2017 Rankings. The 24 positions will be filled based on rank and may go deeper into rankings in order to fill positions or may not fill all positions depending on interest level. Final rankings are locked down following the entry of the December Schwoeglers monthly event into the IFPA ranking (~Dec 16th).


After feedback from the players, there will be no criteria or stipulations to qualify for this event. Registration is first come, first served. This is an open event. However, only those that meet the above qualifications may take home the actual Mad City Championship belt.

Registration will open following Dec IFPA finalization of City rankings

Space is limited.

Planned Format

12 games of qualifying to establish final seeding. Top 12 players qualify for top playoff. Bottom 12 players qualify for consolation playoff. Playoff will be 4 player match play, single elimination, 3 games played per round. Format is tentative to change based on # of registered players.

Side Tournament

We will also have a side tournament of some sort to fill time for those that get knocked out early in the day.

*event is held at a private residence

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Re: 2017 Mad City Championships

Post by Allmyfriends77 » Sun Jun 04, 2017 9:36 am

Unless both of my arms fall off, I'll be there. It's on a Sunday. Perfect.
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